Air Jordan 5 Retro OG Black/Fire Red-Metallic 2016


Air Jordan 5 Retro OG

Black/Fire Red-Metallic Silver


July 23, 2016

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The Air Jordan 5 Retro OG 2016 release is designed in Black/Fire Red-Metallic Silver color scheme.

We generally have all sizes in stock. Please order while supplies last.

“This is a shoe with the retro classic look that helped to make the Air Jordan shoes so popular when they were first released back in the 80’s. These shoes are the ones that would help to transform the shoe industry and this retro style is the same that would be seen for years and worn by the kids for several different reasons.

The shoes are going to feature the retro look that was very popular and allowed people to enjoy the shoes. This look is one that is starting to come back into style and definitely will allow you to have the fashion trend that you want to teach as well.

These shoes have a great style that that is going to come with the color that you will find perfectly contrasted together. With the black/fire color you will find that it is going to off set perfectly with the metallic red colors. This will make it easier for you to have a great looking shoe that will allow the shoes to become the showcase of your clothing and outfit each time you are outside and showing your game.

Wearing Your Air Jordans

When you go to wear your Air Jordans you need to do it with style and great looks. This is the best way for you to wear your Air Jordans and know that you will be in the perfect style that you want to look like.

The socks that you are going to wear will need to be low cut socks. With these lower cut socks it will allow you to have a great time wearing the shoes without having your socks detract from the look of the shoes.

The tongue of the shoe is best worn with it being loose enough for the tongues to go down a little bit over the laces. This allows you to have more of the great look you want to have and know the shoe is the showcase.

Finding shoes is a challenge when you want to get the retro looking Jordan’s. That is why you will love the fact that we have a wide selection of shoes including the Air Jordan 5 Retro OG Black/Fire Red-Metallic for up to 75% of the price you find on other sites.”

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