Air Jordan 11 Bred Low True RED (Black/White/True Red)


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The Air Jordan 11 Bred release is designed in Black/White/True Red color scheme.

It is time to get back to the gym. You might want to tone up, gain some muscle, or lost some weight. You have your outfit all picked out. Sweats and shorts will go great. You will need some new shoes to go with your outfit. Enter in Air Jordan 11 Bred Low True RED (Black/White/True Red) sneakers.

These shoes will be perfect for the gym. You can focus on getting your exercise in and worry about how comfortable your shoes are. The sneakers are black with white trim and red soles. The size’s range from men’s eight to men’s twelve. Now that you have your Air Jordan 11 Bred Low True RED (Black/White/True Red) ready to wear for the gym, you will need to learn how to wear them with your athletic outfit.

You may be there to workout and not show off your new Air Jordan 11 Bred Low True RED (Black/White/True Red) sneakers, but you can still look presentable. You are out in public after all. It would not hurt to color-coordinate your outfits with your sneakers. Since these sneakers are black, go with brighter colors. Mild and neutral colors are fine, but do not go overboard. Too much yellows, reds, oranges will take away too much attention from the Jordans. Since the Air Jordan 11 Bred Low True RED (Black/White/True Red) sneakers have red trim in them, try and go for something red in your outfit.

Your whole outfit does not have to be red. Maybe, just go for a red sweatband or a red t-shirt or jersey. It is okay to where print patterns on your clothes as long as you keep it subtle. If you do not feel like wearing anything red, you can opt for a more neutral color such as gray or black. Just keep in mind not to draw attention away from your Jordans when you step into the gym.

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8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12